LashBrook CC9B15(S)-METEORITE POLISH (ID 50024)

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LashBrook Cobalt Chrome with meteorite inlay flat comfort fit band. The ring is 9mm wide with a flat acid washed finish meteorite inlay (5mm wide) center, which runs the circumference of the ring. Also, the cobalt chrome has a high polished finish, beveled high polished edge, and heavy comfort fit.

Lashbrook uses authentic Gibeon Meteorite from Namibia, Africa. Gibeon Meteorite holds a special classification as a fine octahedrite, due to the distinctive crystalline structure visible on the surface of the metal called Widmanstatten lines. This pattern varies slightly in appearance from piece to piece and may contain natural characteristics or “inclusions” which makes every ring unique.


LashBrook Cobalt Chrome is a lustrous hypoallergenic metal. This bright white metal has a nice heft and will stand up to wear and tear.

LashBrook rings are made to order and have a 2 week shipping time frame.

All LashBrook rings are available in custom widths, contact us for more information.

Available in sizes 4-12.5.

Sizes larger than 12.5, please contact us for pricing and availability.

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