U.S. Based Manufacturer Since 1968

Since 1968, Benchmark, a U.S. based manufacturer, has dedicated much attention and focus to both designing and creating the best wedding rings in the world. We believe quality comes from craft and craft comes from precision. Every corner of any brilliant piece that Benchmark has created has been meticulously planned. These origins of excellence are derived from the drawing board; where everything starts and where creativity unites with functionality to manifest the very finest of wedding rings.

Focus on the Environment

Benchmark manufactures all of their rings with a focus on the environment. As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we handcraft our fine jewelry from recycled precious metals. Our objective is to diminish the negative impacts of mining by reducing the demand for newly mined metals.

Recycled precious metals are an important component of Benchmark’s commitment to the environment. We are also committed to environmental responsibility throughout the jewelry production process. We look for ways to reduce environmental impact, such as emissions cleaning systems and processes to prevent contaminants from being released into the environment.

Benchmark Lifetime Guarantee

The Benchmark Lifetime Guarantee is one of the features that defines us as a leader in the wedding band industry. If your registered Benchmark ring ever needs to be resized or refinished, our Lifetime Guarantee will take care of this free of charge. In the event that material has to be added to complete the sizing process you will only be charged for the metal or stones that must be added.

Lifetime Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Benchmark’s Lifetime Guarantee does not cover a ring that has been purchased in the incorrect finger size. Including if the finger size changes between purchase and delivery of ring.

Benchmark must do the work on any size adjustment over 1⁄4 size in order to maintain your Lifetime Guarantee.

All bands can only be eligible for resizing after 60 days of actual wear and due to the true finger size change.

Any Third-party alterations to a band will automatically void the LTG. Chipped or missing stones are only covered by Benchmark during the first 60 days of actual wear.

Any damage, outside of normal wear and tear, will void the LTG. Shipping charges are the consumer/retailer’s responsibility. Benchmark reserves the right to modify this policy at any time without notice, and/or refuse any registration.