Benchmark 7.5mm Cobalt with Sterling Silver Inlay Striped Flat Edge Band

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Benchmark 7.5mm Cobalt with Sterling Silver inlay Striped flat edge comfort fit band. The band is 7.5mm wide with a satin-finished sterling silver inlay stripe, the sterling silver stripe is bordered by a high polished finish, which runs the circumference of the ring. The ring has a heavy comfort fit and high polished flat edge.

Benchmark Cobalt wedding rings come with a lifetime fit and finish warranty.

Available in sizes 6-14.

For sizes larger than 14, please contact us for pricing and availability.

4x harder than Platinum, 5x harder than Gold, and 7x harder than Silver: Cobalt is the ultimate contemporary metal. Benchmark’s naturally inert Cobalt contains a special blend of Cobalt and other alloys that exude extremely high luster and reliable strength. Because it is also hypoallergenic, scratch resistant, and biocompatible, it has been used heavily in medical applications. Cobalt, unlike Tungsten, is shatterproof.

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